Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baja Culture, The Big Picture by Green Edventures' student Maria Smith

This summer I attended Tara Short's Green Edventure program in the Baja peninsula. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I savored every moment. Specifically, I was fascinated with the culture that surrounded me. Resuarants, food, shops, people ( gringas and mexicanos lol), the ocean life, and more. Being there only a short week I  figured that I would not be able to see and learn all I desired to about the culture. But, I was happily mistaken. From the beginnning of the trip right up to the end, every single person I came into contact with was miraculous. Non-stop holas and smiles!. They were very kind hearted and layed back. Even though they called me a gringa, they treated me as an equal. At the restuarants the waiters were patient when I order in my broken spanish (by the way the food was amazing!), descending when SCUBA diving the staff coached me and made me feel brave and strong. Going on this trip I thought I was going to learn about the creatures in the sea.. but I learned much more. Green Edventures supplied me with a broad supply of education. From marine animals, both small and large, to plant life high in the mountains, all the way down to interacting with the real people of La Paz.. I got to do it all. If ever given the opportunity to attend this trip, I strongly advise you to take it! It introduces you to new foods, new languages, and new animals. Tara has surrounded herself with amazing people, a cool and interesting culture, and a different way of life. To experience it, I feel lucky. Green Edventures trip taught me a new way of life. It opened my eyes to a different world. I came with myself, but left with the ability to look at life and marine life with care and generosity. The trip helped me find myself and what i love to do, all in the simplicity of an island. And most importantly, it taught me that the world is bigger.. much bigger than my own.

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  1. Awesome review. Now if only all the youth of the world could experience Green Edventures, what a wonderful world the would be. - Kathleen