Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mexico is Peaceful by Green Edventures Student Branden Tanthavong

Mexico is currently all over the news about the drug war issue. I had a scheduled trip in 2009 with Green Edventures to go visit the Baja Peninsula. I wasn't fearful because my teacher informed me that we were 1,000 miles away from the danger, but my mom insisted for me to drop out.

This year, I rejoined for the 2010 Edventure with my school. After visiting the Baja Peninsula (Mexico), I saw no danger at all. In fact, it was quite peaceful there. I snoozed in a hammock, caught some sun on the beach, and ate fantastic food prepared by the Chef Mario. I almost missed out on a lot of fun. I recommend visiting Baja Californian Sur, Mexico to everyone out there.

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