Friday, June 11, 2010

Mexico Sucks... by Robert Bragg (Green Edventures Student June 2010)

Mexico Sucks, just kidding :) It's (Green Edventures Baja Mexico Sea Quest) is an awesome experience that I will never forget. I got to experience things that people wait their entire lives for. When I showed up in Mexico i was greeted by Tara Short and Green Edventures. We went to our temporary home (Cabo Pulmo) for the next two days. This place was absolutely amazing. The place was beautiful. There were several houses small enough to house for up to four to stay. The main house was by the beach and the view was amazing! The nights were amazing. I was able to sleep in a hammock that had a brilliant view of the nigh sky which had so many stars that I wouldn't be able to count, and the relaxing sound of the beach in the distance. The people that worked for Green Edventures made the experience even better.

After Cabo Pulmo, and before we embarked on our boat ride to Espiritu Santo Island, we toured La Paz. The city was beautiful and the culture was interesting.  On our boat ride out, we saw a whale shark.  We jumped in and swam by it, so close, we could almost touch it. It was the most amazing experience of my life because I know that not many other people get this opportunity.

Once we got to Espiritu Santo we were shown our living area and how we'd live. Everyday afterwords we either snorkeled or hiked which were each experiences for themselves. During one (snorkel) we went to a sea lion colony. It was amazing, that is all I can really say. It was just indescribable, all of it. The whole thing was just once in a lifetime. On our way back, we saw a whole bunch of dolphins. They got so close to the boat they were even swimming under it and jumped out of the water.

This whole experience, I can only say, is to experience it yourself. The Green Edventures crew, Chabelo, Tara, Lorenzo and even Chef  Mario and his beastly cooking made this trip unforgettable.  I can just say to anyone who reads this, I strongly suggest doing this. It is all worth it!

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  1. My husband and I did this trip in June 2009 and we are going back in 2011. Words do not describe the experience. The beach, snorkeling, boat ride, snorkeling, food, snorkeling, friendships, snorkeling, culture, snorkeling, night sky, sea life are just something that you need to experience for yourself. You can see some of our pictures from 2009 if you go to Charles Watt on Facebook.